1. When should I book?

We strongly recommend to book as soon as you know the dates and locations for your holiday. You will have 3 days to pay the deposit once you requested a reservation.

To request an unconditional quote, please use our online Enquiry Form.

2. Booking process

Once you completed your enquiry form, we will send you a personalised quote within 24 hours. Should you be happy to book, just send us a short reply to this email as a booking request. Our team will then re-check availability and book you into our system.

You will then receive your reservation by email with a link to our secure payment site for the deposit of NZ$300 to confirm your booking. Any changes after confirmation are subject to availability. Just contact us via email as soon as possible if you need to change your booking. No administration fee applies.

3. Payments for hire

The deposit to confirm a booking is NZ$300 and the remaining balance is due 30 days before the day of collection.

We will send you an automatic payment reminder ahead of time. The deposit is non-refundable (please also see our Terms & Conditions)

4. Cancellation policy

Please note that the initial booking confirmation deposit of $300 is non-refundable. Any other paid deposits are refundable in full or in part entirely at the discretion of Wendekreisen on the following basis.

In the event that you wish to cancel your booking the following fees apply:

If cancelled 31 days prior to pick up No fee beside the non refundable deposit.
If cancelled within 30 days to 8 days of pick-up 30% of total reservation cost
If cancelled within 7 days of pick-up or no show 100% of total reservation cost
Early Return No refund for any unused portion of the rental is available.
5. What is included in the daily rental cost?

Rental charges for rental campervans, motorhomes & recreational vehicles are calculated per calendar day, regardless of the actual pick-up time. Charges for rental cars are based on a 24-hour period.

Our prices include:

  1. Unlimited Kilometers
  2. Road user Charges RUC (The cost of using New Zealand's roads is recovered from road users via levies in the price of some fuels or through road user charges (RUC) for vehicles with a diesel engine)
  3. Additional drivers
  4. Credit card fees
  5. One way fees between for Auckland and Christchurch
  6. On-road assistance
  7. Bedding - one package for 2 passengers consists of 2 pillows and a queen size duvet (includes 2 sheets, 2 bath towels and 2 tea towels)
  8. Electric heater (240V only)
  9. Kitchen and cooking utensils (incl. electric kettle, toaster, pots, frying pan, bowls, cooking utensils, dishes, crockery, coffee plunger, bucket, broom, pegs and washing line)
  10. Full LPG gas bottle (to be returned full)
  11. Camping table and chairs
  12. Airport transfers
  13. Goods and services tax
6. Stereo Systems

Most of our vehicles are equipped with Bluetooth stereo systems. However, some older models still feature a CD/radio system with 3.5mm Aux-In cable connection.

If you have specific stereo requirements, please ask our friendly reservations team to accommodate them. Please note that all Koru Star vehicles are equipped with a hardwired Bluetooth stereo system including the TV.

7. WiFi and NZ SIM cards

Wendekreisen does not offer Wifi hotspots. However, we do offer free Vodafone SIM Cards at our depots. These cards have a pre-allocated NZ mobile number and allow you to purchase local/overseas minutes and data at very good rates.

Libraries, fast food restaurants and cafés often offer free WiFi or you can get pre-paid data at campsites.

8. Driver's license

All listed drivers must have had a valid full license for at least 12months. Your driver's license must allow vehicles up to a GVM of 3.5t. You will be asked to present you driver's license at vehicle collection.

If your overseas driver licence or permit isn't in English, you must provide an accurate English translation when you are driving. The translation must be provided by:

  • A translation service approved by the NZ Transport Agency (a list is available here)
  • A diplomatic representative at a high commission, embassy or consulate, or the authority that issued your overseas license.
  • An International Driving Permit (issued in accordance with a United Nations Convention on Road Traffic) is acceptable as a translation.
9. Age restrictions

The minimum age to be listed as a driver for our vehicles is 21 years. There are no exceptions.

10. Minimum hire period

The standard minimum hire period is 10 days, however shorter hires may be accepted pending availability.

11. Child seats

New Zealand law stipulates that all children under seven years of age must use an approved child restraint appropriate for their age and size.

We allow child seats in all our vehicles to be fitted on the appropriate seats. If you are travelling in one of our smaller campervans such as the 2 or 2+1 Berth, the middle seat offers a lap belt only. To fit a child seat there, a tether point needs to be installed. Please contact our Reservations Team to request a tether point if needed.

Child seats for all ages can be rented in our branches. To see the seats on offer, please click here.

For the new Koru Star 4 Freedom range, we can supply ISOFIX child seats. Please contact our reservations team if you wish to hire ISOFIX child seats.

You are welcome to bring your own child seat.

12. Transmission

Most of our vehicles have manual (stick-shift) transmission. The following models offer automatic transmission:

  • Stationwagon rental cars (with and without roof tent)
  • Koru Star 4 Freedom
  • Koru 6 Berth
13. Insurance

Everyone in New Zealand is covered by ACC, a government operated insurance scheme covering all injuries caused by accidents. ACC will only cover you within New Zealand and we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance for your holiday.

Wendekreisen offers three types of vehicle insurance options. These options cover damages to the vehicle, but not to your personal belongings.

Our options are:

  • Standard Insurance (compulsory)
  • Tyre and Windscreen Insurance
  • All Inclusive Insurance

For more information please check our Terms & Conditions.

You will be covered for damages unless an insurance exemption applies as stated in our Terms & Conditions.

14. Why is the Standard Insurance compulsory (excess NZ$1500)

The compulsory standard insurance covers our own costs to insure the fleet of rental cars and campervans. Moreover, the standard insurance reduces your excess to our rental fleet from NZ$5000 to NZ$1500. You may choose to cover the remainder excess of NZ$1500 via your travel insurance.

Please note that these insurances will allow you to claim back any excess paid but will not pay us. As such, the process would be that you pay us and then make a claim through your insurance provider. Please ensure that your rental car travel insurance covers rental campervans as these are often excluded.

15. Security Bond

A security bond equivalent to the insurance excess will be secured via a credit card imprint at vehicle collection. However, the security bond will not be charged if:

  1. The vehicle is returned to the agreed location at the agreed date and time ($1000 penalty applies if breached)
  2. Grey water tank and toilet have been emptied ($150 charge for toilet, $25 charge for grey water tank)
  3. All traffic fines have been paid (otherwise your fine will be charged plus a $35 handling fee)
  4. All toll road charges have been paid (otherwise your toll fee will be charged plus a $20 handling fee)
  5. The vehicle is returned in a reasonably clean condition ($100 charge if not returned reasonably clean)
  6. The vehicle is returned with a fuel level as marked on the damage sheet (charged at double fuel price)
  7. The vehicle is returned with a full LPG gas bottle (charged at double the price of filling
  8. No items belonging to Wendekreisen have been lost or damaged
  9. No damage is incurred to the vehicle or any 3rd party property
  10. The insurance exclusions in section 12 have not been violated

All security bond payments must be made by Bank Transfer, EFTPOS or VI/MC Card. If paid by credit card, an imprint will be taken, but not charged, unless the above conditions have not been met.

16. Unsealed Roads

We do allow our vehicles to be driven on unsealed public roads. However, our vehicles must not be driven on any saltwater beaches, Skippers Road (Queenstown), Ninety Mile Beach (Northland), Tasman Valley Road (Mt. Cook) and North of Colville Township (Coromandel Peninsula).

17. Freedom camping

All Wendekreisen campervans and motorhomes are self-contained certified but even with this certificate, free camping is prohibited in some areas/places.

To check where you can camp, we recommend to consult https://www.freedomcamping.org/. You may also check with local councils or I-sites (tourist information) if and where you are allowed to stay. The fine for non-compliance is NZ$200.

18. DOC campsite Pass

All of our vehicles are well suited for camping on Department of Conservation (DOC) campsites. These sites are reasonably priced (usually $9.00 per night/person) and support local conservation efforts.

You can get discounted passes here. Our passes reduce the cost of DOC campsite fees to approximately $62.50 per week for a small family.

DOC campsites offer clean toilets and are usually situated in very scenic locations with stunning views. Wendekreisen highly recommends you take advantage of this initiative.

The pass can't be used to pay for serviced campsites, powered campsites, Great Walks campsites, or any campsites on the DOC online booking system.

19. Prebooking campsites

We recommend to pre-book campsites during the peak seasons such as December to February, school holidays and long weekends with public holidays.

20. Depot locations

We have depots in Auckland and Christchurch close to the airport for the pick-up and return of all rental campervans, motorhomes and cars. Free transfers are available from and to the airport and accommodation within the close airport areas. Taxi cost or travel costs from the city will not be refunded.

On request Wendekreisen vehicles can also be collected and returned in Picton, Queenstown and Wellington. Acceptance of these locations depends on our availability.

The relocation fee for a collection or return at these locations is NZ$550.00. These costs cover fuel, wages and return fares for our drivers.

Auckland Branch

Unit 6, 197 Montgomerie Rd,
Mangere / Airport Oaks,
New Zealand
10 minutes from Auckland Airport

Phone: 09 256 0127
Freephone: 0508 109328 (within NZ)
Fax: 09 256 0217

Christchurch Branch

240 Roydvale Ave,
New Zealand
5 minutes from Christchurch Airport

Phone: 03 357 4153
Freephone: 0508 109 328 (within NZ)
Fax: 03 357 4152

21. Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 8:30am - 5:00 pm (08:30 - 17:00)
Sunday / Public Holidays: 8:30 am - 1:00 pm (08:30 - 13:00)

Please note that Wendekreisen cannot accept any vehicle collections and returns after 4:30pm weekdays including Saturdays, and 12.30pm on Sundays / Public holidays.

Collections and returns are available outside of these hours from 6.30am to 8pm depending on the availability.

22. Airport Transfers

Wendekreisen offers a complimentary transfer between airports and our depots. Customs and Immigration clearance after international flights will take about 1 hour. Please check our opening hours before you book your flights or pick up date or if you need to book a prearranged after hour service.


Once you cleared immigration and customs, please contact Wendekreisen on free phone 0508 109 328 and select option 2. Please await our representative in front of the Departures Terminal at door three. Should no one be available, please take a taxi to our depot. The cost of approx. NZ$35 will be refunded to you if a receipt is provided.

If you spend the first night at a hotel near Auckland Airport, please ring us on free phone 0508 109 328 and select option 2 to organise a transfer. Please await our driver in front of your hotel.

Taxi or shuttle costs from the city will not be refunded. We recommend Discount Taxis (Ph 09-5291000) to arrange transfers from the city.


Once you cleared immigration and customs, please contact Wendekreisen on freephone 0508 109328 and select option 3. Our customer service will advise you where to wait for our courtesy shuttle. Should no one be available, please take a taxi to our depot. The cost of approx. NZ$35 will be refunded to you if a receipt is provided.

If you spend the first night at a hotel near Christchurch airport, please ring us on freephone 0508 109328 (option 3) when you are ready to leave. Please await our driver in front of your hotel.

Taxi or shuttle costs from the city will not be refunded. We recommend Gold Band Taxis (Ph 03-3795795) to arrange transfers from the city.

23. Ferries

All Wendekreisen rental vehicles may be taken on the Interislander ferry service. Wendekreisen offers discounted Interislander Easy Change Tickets.

The availability for tickets is very limited during peak seasons, such as December to February, school holidays and long weekends with public holidays.

If there are any delays due to the weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, pre-booked passengers will be transported first before new bookings will be accepted. You might need to wait for a day or even several days until you are able to do a ferry crossing.

We strongly recommend to pre book a ferry ticket. For more information and to pre-book a ticket, please visit our Ferry Bookings page.

24. How long do the batteries last in our vehicles?

This entirely depends on your usage and the type of vehicle you have hired. Whilst all Wendekreisen campervans and motorhomes have a dual battery system installed, some of our campervans have more power storage than others.

In general, it is important to preserve power where possible. You will find some tips to reduce the usage in our vehicle handbook. Whilst you can expect 48 hours of independent usage with full batteries in all vehicles, our Koru Star fleet has been designed to offer significantly longer timeframes.

25. How to recharge the batteries?

The alternator of your vehicle will maintain 12V power supply whilst you are driving. However, although the alternator does charge the house and starter batteries, it only does so with low Amp ratings. As a result, empty house batteries will only marginally charge whilst driving.

The only way to fully recharge your house batteries overnight is by connecting to a 240V power source which will then activate a quality charging system appropriate to your vehicle setup. We strongly recommend recharging the batteries by connecting to 240V every third or fourth night at a powered camp site.

This does not apply to our Koru Star 2 ST Freedom as they have been equipped with a powerful solar panel.

26. How long does the LPG last?

Each vehicle has a full gas bottle at pick up. How long this lasts will depend on the usage of your LPG heating system (142grams per hour). Operating the cooker does not use any significant amount of LPG gas.

Many petrol stations in New Zealand offer a gas bottle refill. We recommend checking your gas bottle every now and then to see if it needs refilling. This is especially important if you intend to stay in remote areas for a while.

At the end of your hire you need to return the gas bottle refilled, and therefore you will only pay for the LPG you actually used.

27. Heating

All Wendekreisen campervans and motorhomes come with an 240V electric heater. The vehicle needs to be plugged in at a powered campsite to use the heater.

Our Koru 2 ST XL, Koru Star ST and Koru Star ST Premium, as well as all 4 and 6 Berth motorhomes are equipped with a HS2000 PROPEX LPG gas heating system.

The HS2000 is a thermostatically controlled blown air heating system fuelled by LPG. The heat source is designed for a variety of automotive and RV applications, as a source of heat, totally independent of the engine and connection to 240V.

28. Water tank

The volume of water tank and the capacity of the waste water tank are compliant with the self-contained certificate and is calculated to last 3 days with standard usage.

29. Repair approval

Repairs of up to NZ$50.00 can be completed without authorization by Wendekreisen. All repair costs up to NZ$50.00 will be refunded upon submission of receipts.

All repairs exceeding NZ$50.00 require approval by Wendekreisen. Wendekreisen wishes to advise that no responsibility will be accepted for accommodation charges, meals or out-of-pocket expenses resulting from a breakdown.

30. Mechanical problems and break downs

Although each and every vehicle gets checked before each hire, there is always the possibility that a problem occurs during your hire. Please do not hesitate and contact us immediately if you have any problems.

Wendekreisen operates a help line via a free phone number. This number is available for minor problems during day hours and 24/7 in emergencies. Our team will assist you in finding the best and fastest solution for you.

Repairs can be arranged along your way and don't necessarily mean that you will lose holiday time. Please remember to call as soon as a problem occurs as it will be very difficult to find a repairer after hours or on weekends and public holidays.

For more information please view our Terms & Conditions

31. Accidents procedure

Should you be involved in an accident, please use the forms at the end of our vehicle handbook. These have been set aside to document the accident.

In the event of an accident or damage please do the following:

  1. Notify Wendekreisen of the full circumstances as soon as practical and in any event within twelve hours from the time of the accident or the time that the hirer has knowledge of the damage.
  2. Notify the New Zealand Police of any accident and request they attend the scene to determine liability.
  3. Obtain the names and addresses of all parties, witnesses too, and vehicles involved in the accident.
  4. Obtain a copy of any relevant police report.
  5. Make arrangements with Wendekreisen to complete a written report and the necessary insurance documents and ensure that these are completed before the end of the hire period specified.
32. Toll roads

There are 3 Toll roads, the Northern Gateway Toll Road north of Auckland, and the Tauranga Eastern Link Toll Road, and Takitimu Drive Toll Road, both in Tauranga. These are monitored electronically.

You will find plenty of signage before you enter a toll road and detours are available to avoid the toll road. The use is not included in the hire cost and the toll need to be paid by the driver within 5 days of use of the road or you can buy the toll in advance. We recommend using the website to pay your toll - phone payments can lead to paying for the wrong vehicle registration.

Unpaid tolls will incur a toll notice sent to the Wendekreisen office. You will receive an email with the payment link for the toll and handling fee. Wendekreisen will charge a NZ$20 handling fee for toll road fees.

33. Parking or Speeding Tickets

The hirer is liable for all parking and traffic violations relating to the vehicle during the period of hire. Wendekreisen does not query any issued fines as it often receives traffic and parking tickets after a vehicle is returned.

You will receive an email with the information that Wendekreisen received a fine or infringement with a payment link to pay for the outstanding balance. On request Wendekreisen will provide detailed information about the charges. If the payment link is not paid promptly, we will charge any outstanding balance to the Cardholder's credit card. Wendekreisen will charge a NZ$35 handling fee for each issued parking or traffic violation.

34. Return at Depots

Vehicles must be returned on the date, place and time agreed. Late returns will result in extra charges.

You are obliged to return the vehicle:

  1. With the fuel level as marked on the damage sheet
  2. In a reasonably clean condition (interior and exterior)
  3. With empty holding tanks for grey water and waste water (toilet cassette)
  4. With a full LPG gas bottle

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