Wendekreisen Carbon Projects

"By investigating and monitoring a range of challenges, our aim is to create innovative, responsible and sustainable solutions relating to people, organisations and the environment."

In 2013, Wendekreisen re-formalised its mission statement with particular reference to environmental sustainability. As part of this mission we have developed the following environmental initiatives.

CURRENT PROJECT - Trees That Count (April 2019 - Present)

A New Zealand based tree planting initiative. Supporters can choose to contribute by funding trees, planting trees or by pledging land to plant trees. From 1st April 2019, Wendekreisen will plant trees per hire pending the length of that hire. We are aiming to initially plant 4,000 trees per year and to involve the team in the planting process.

PAST PROJECTS - The Carbon Project (May 2014 - March 2019)

A complex carbon credit offset system which was integrated with our reservation system from 1st May 2014. The system allowed us to create a carbon debit of rental bookings to the environment and to offset this debit with recognised New Zealand sourced ‘Gold Standard’ carbon credits. To date, this initiative has successfully offset in excess of 13,111 tCO2e by 31st March 2019.

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